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Retractable External Venetian

External Automated Venetian blinds are Europe’s latest statement in architectural design excellence & function. The Venetians can be positioned as needed for optimal solar control or retracted when not required. It’s blades tilt at varying angles providing shading regardless of the sun’s position in the sky, allowing control over light, heat gain & glare. The management of airflow can be controlled in the same manner.

External Venetians are a versatile retractable blind that can reduce glare and reduce solar heat gain by up to 90%. The blades can be finely adjusted to provide privacy or filtered light as required. They can also be fully retracted to allow maximum light in and to access glazing for cleaning etc.

The blades are held in place by side guides or stainless steel wire guides which stop the blades being moved in light winds. These blades should be positioned close to glazing if possible. If blades are positioned away from glazing then they must be retracted in strong winds.

Versatile Control

Motorised with remote control or standard switching.

Wind Sensors will automatically retract blades when the wind reaches a certain velocity.

Automatic controls that adjust blades automatically to maintain internal light levels, and can be integrated with Building Management Systems (BMS).

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