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Somfy is the internationally trusted name in motors and control systems for the automation of window coverings. By choosing Somfy products you have a guarantee of quality and will enjoy an unparalleled commitment to world class technology to improve your living environment.
Somfy is the world’s leading manufacturer of motors and control solutions for Blinds, Curtains, Awnings, Roller Shutters, Louvre Screens, and External Venetian Blinds. Somfy has established it’s presence in Oceania for over 25 years. Designed to provide convenience, comfort and energy savings, Somfy’s automated solutions are an important enhancement for homes and commercial buildings. At the push of a button, or automatically, they will open or close, extend or retract, providing shade, privacy and security.


Somfy motor and control systems enhance our living environments by adding convenience and a much desired flexibility that is simply not possible with manual operation. With the simple touch of a button you can move your blinds to whatever position you like. Forget the struggle to manually wind or pull your roller shutters up or down – with a Somfy system it’s comfortable, easy and convenient.

Energy Efficient

Reduce your energy usage by controlling the amount of heat and light entering your home. Keep your home cool in summer by reflecting the harsh heat of the sun but allow the sun in during winter to enjoy natural warmth and light.

Quiet and Discreet

Somfy’s world leading motors are fully concealed inside the tube of the roller blinds & awnings. With the simple press of a button you will enjoy a quiet operation with an automated system that remains hidden from view.

Increase your property value

Motorisation is a great way to rise the value of a home. Somfy contributes to improving well-being and harmony in all living spaces.

Radio Technology Somfy (RTS)

Easy to install and operate, Somfy’s RTS radio technology motors are the ideal solution for roller blinds & awnings due to their convenience and multiple feature options. With a range of 200 metres in open space or up to 20 metres through two reinforced concrete walls, Somfy RTS motors and controls are the ideal solution for automation within your home.

Sensors & Timers – Thermal Comfort

Automated operation via Somfy sensors and timers provides an optimum light and heat exchange between indoors and outdoors – without the need for occupant intervention. This ensures the temperature and visual comfort levels inside the home remain pleasant in all seasons, delivering a consistent living environment for maximum occupant comfort and well-being.

Sunis RTS sun sensor & Eolis RTS wind sensor for awnings. Placed externally, the Sunis RTS sun sensor will automatically adjust the position of one or several blinds or awnings based on a preset amount of sunlight. The Eolis RTS wind sensor provides end product protection for more security of awning, external blinds against wind. Quick reaction: after wind detection of 2 seconds, the anemometer, automatically raises the awning if the wind exceeds a threshold pre-set by the installer.


Somfy provides a 5 year warranty on all products. Somfy’s extensive quality testing procedures ensure all motors, controls and sensors conform to national and international safety and electrical standards. A 5 + 2 Year Extended Warrant also available* conditions apply.



As leaders in innovative window furnishing hardware, Acmeda now offers a range of motorised solutions combining cutting-edge technology with user friendly controls and reliable motors.

Acmeda high-quality AUTOMATE range includes mechanical limit, electronic limit and wirefree motors with specialised features such as collision control for blind fabric preservation, ultra-quiet performance for minimal noise disruption, synchronisation for precision positioning and self-tightening for perfectly closed cassettes. The Automate system provides the next dimensions in safety to roller blinds by eliminating loops and hanging chains, ensuring a safe environment for our young children.

All Acmeda motors are complemented with slimline, modern handheld or wall mounted remote controls to provide a fashionable, yet unobtrusive, look to your home’s décor.

An external Automate motorised blind or awning can significantly reduce energy consumption for your home by minimising the amount of heat that enters and escapes through the windows, thus ensuring an environmentally friendly and cost effective cooler summer and warmer winter. This can be further enhanced by using an Automate accessory such as a remote control to pre-program opening or closing times for your blinds and awnings or letting the sensor do all the work to open and close your awning based on sunlight and wind speed intensity.

Catering for small to large internal windows as well as external blinds and awnings, Acmeda has the perfect motorised solution for all your indoor and outdoor window covering needs.

AUTOMATE WIREFREE S35 SYNC – Battery Operation

The advanced battery powered AUTOMATE WirEfrEE s35 sYnC offers an ideal and easy upgrade from manual to motorised blinds. Requiring no electrical wiring, the Automate Wirefree s35 sYnC motor has an inbuilt lithium ion battery which achieves an outstanding 200 cycles per charge. An optional solar powered charger will ensure your motor is continuously charged, resulting in an environmentally friendly, energy efficient set and forget solution. The added benefit of sYnC technology in our wirefree motor further allows for flexible operation, by perfectly synchronising the final positioning of multiple blinds.

With the simple addition of an adaptor, the Automate Wirefree s35 sYnC motor is also compatible with the popular medium hardware (s45), in order to achieve larger blind sizes for residential and commercial applications.


The AUTOMATE s45 El range provides a motorised solution for Acmeda’s popular medium sized roller blinds. With the addition of our Easy-link system, linking multiple blinds to one control, the electronic limit motors can cover a greater area with the ability to lift up to 17 kilograms.

The Automate Q s45 quiet motor has added features which reduces operational noise to a low 43 decibels. in addition, the Automate Q s45 El offers a third limit setting, so that the blind can be directed to a pre-programmed favourite position in addition to the upper and lower limits.


All Acmeda Automate solutions comply with Australian and international standards and are backed by a 5 year warranty.