Blank VZ5203

Conservatory Awning

The VZ520 is a versatile horizontal sunscreen and conservatory awning designed to keep the sunlight and elements out from your home, office, establishment or outdoor construction, while ensuring maximum air circulation. Prevent furniture, wallpaper and curtains from getting discolored or degraded because of constant sunlight, and yet keep your desired area well lit and circulated with the VZ520.

Using a high quality runner system, the VZ520 is almost noiseless, and won’t disturb anyone upon extension or retraction. It is also completely remote controlled for maximum ease of use, which eliminates the need for any wiring or cumbersome manual labor. Also available is an optional all-purpose sensor (sun, wind, rain), which regulates the awning automatically depending on external conditions.

Manufactured from only the best quality rust proof frames and rot/mildew resistant fabrics, the VZ520 provides complete protection without compromising on aesthetics. The compact and low profile assembly can be installed on any appropriate surface, and is held up by durable aluminum or synthetic supports. It can be positioned accordingly for desired amount of coverage area, and can be completely retracted when not required.

Available in a wide range of sizes and widths, the VZ520 can be customized to fit any requirement, and can provide a maximum of 25m2 surface area coverage per unit. Units can be joined together to provide virtually unlimited coverage, so no area is too big! Every VZ520 unit is extensively tested and made from the highest quality metals and fabrics to ensure trouble free operation for years. 5 year Warranty!


Remote Control Capabilities

  • Optional wind, sun, rain and motion sensor

  • Contemporary yet compact design

  • Low profile design for easy integration

  • Made from the highest quality materials

  • Maximum surface area per unit of 25m2

  • Automatic and electric operation

  • Aluminum or synthetic supports

  • Practically unlimited width by joining multiple units

  • High tech Spectra cord for constant tension

  • 5 year guarantee